Customer Service Fail

Good day to you all. I have decided today’s blog post will be a bit different. I shared an experience yesterday with a Doctor’s office. The original text from me was done on my phone and posted to facebook, there are spelling and grammatical issues. I am not going to edit it, (I did edit names and photos of those unrelated to me), because I like to keep everything untouched as much as possible. So you should be able to get through it at least and understand what I am trying to say. There is so much more to it. But I decided to share this and the comments from friends that I received because I believe it is a great example of how the world is today and how so many view this new world we live in. So I hope you read all the comments people shared because it can be very insightful. We all should reflect from time to time. I had to ask myself was I being unreasonable. I really was not sure anymore. Some may see me that way and that is o.k. I really believe in each individuals right to express their opinion without being attacked. If we each are truly free to truly express our feelings we may actually be able to get over things that are maybe a flaw in our thinking. If a person who is a racist in their heart but hides it because they know the reaction from the public, they will never be able to allow anything else into their heart. There are many who get up and say all the right words. But what matters and what shows one’s true character is what they do when they think no one is watching or listening. I hope you get something out of this. I did. And want to thank all the people who understand sometimes you just need to vent and hear the words from others, “that sucks”. It helps. .


OK I am upset. Lucky Facebook people you get to hear about it. I made a apt with a Dr. Well I think actually a PA. I used to see her a few years ago and had to stop due to an insurance issue. Over the years I have recommended many people to see this woman who’s name I will not share but the practice is called Grant Creek Family practice. We came from Superior to Missoula and we just made the trip yesterday. We knew there was road construction but today it was worse we called when we were about a half an hour before my apt to say we think we may be around give min late. They said as long as you make the ten min window. We were stuck at a light at 7 min after literally a half a block away. So my husband called as I was driving and they put him on hold for three min. When they picked up it was 11 min after. My husband says we are just walking in when they finally picked up they said oh it’s to late we talked to her might I add that is probably why they kept us on hold for three or four min. But I digress. I kept walking in I was like no way. I can’t afford a trip to Missoula for nothing. The girls behind the counter had zero personality. They were curt and rude despite me saying please is there any way. An d smiling like an idiot as always. I was treated like dirt. And I really just wanted to ring the girls neck who was telling me over and over about the ten min policy. The whole reason the apt was set for four because it was the last apt of the day. Well I have fantastic insurance and enough problems to make one doctor a comfortable living. I am taking it elsewhere. Lol. I regret I won’t be able to see my old fav. But that’s life. You see ultimately it was my fault and I understand that but attitude goes a long way. And there is noway I am letting them earn a living off of my lack if good health. Lol. So looking for a doctor that doesn’t have to worry about insurance issues. Thank for letting me vent. It’s hard to get across what I want to on a phone. Have a beautiful day.

  • J.W. These kinds of things make me mad too. I wonder how long you would have waited in the waiting room and then waited again in the back to see the doctor? Surely more than 11 minutes. Those girls at the front probably wanted to go home early too. I bet if the doctor knew, she would have seen you anyway.
  • D.R.    Write a letter to the CEO. I’m sure they would be happy to know that there business is going else where when you attempted to contact them they wouldn’t work with you. My boss would have my head if I treated a patient like that.
  • Kerry Learned-Bates Good advice and I agree wholeheartedly. I have been in customer service all my life in one form or another and I would never ever do anything to make someone else feel bad. I am a definite exception because people never catch me without a smile on my face. I have found a genuine smile is all you need to put anyone around you at ease. So it is a habit but has always been me. Thanks for letting me vent and not judging me. Lol
  • Andrew Bates I love ya mama
  • Kerry Learned-Bates I love you too Andrew.
  • R.B.  That’s so crappy. Write the letter, there is no reason they shouldn’t have and couldn’t have worked with you. B.S.
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  • D.D.  you are right, if you did it all the time I would say yes, but that is unreal, take your business else whre
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  • D.D.  you need to contact the doc, really you do
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  • T.B.S. They are such bitches there
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  •  Kerry Learned-Bates When I used to go there a few years ago. They were great. I just had the worst experience and that unfortunately will always get more attention. I know the world is changing and I have officially become old. When you are constantly saying what’s with kids these days? Lol. I am not a complainer. I am the first to say take as long as you need when someone apologized because they are training etc. I am very patient with kind people. On the other hand I can get very upset by just plain rudeness or poor attitude. If people knew how to interact better young people would not be so awful in public situations. I am probably not the only one in my age bracket that feels that way. I am so proud of the young adults that I was responsible for raising. But sometimes I wonder if I did a disservice to by teaching how to be the best person. Unfortunately good does not do so well in the real world anymore. You have to play a different game that some don’t have the skills to keep up with. And it’s not the good kind of skills. No it’s the kind that make it so people can take as much as possible while giving the least of themselves in return. It is a difficult world to navigate today for sure. Thank to all of you. It was what I needed. Sometimes you ask yourself am I being unreasonable. And I really didn’t think so. And it’s good to just have people have your back. I have the best Facebook friends and family. Xoxoxo
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  • T.B.S.  Pm me you’re number so we can talk if you like… I help women find doctors and help for there problems…
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  • A.C.  I just want a Dr. to come to my house like in the old days…wouldn’t that be nice!!!
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  • D.W.  Most doctors don’t even have you in the room in 10 minutes.
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  • Kerry Learned-Bates I know D.W., it was evident the girls behind the counter were anxious to go home and the last does not get to leave until the last patient leaves. Of course not seeing me, freed them up to leave early. Hope the girls had a lovely day. I didn’t. But I am satisfied. I know that there are good and bad all around but customer service is important. I never will understand someone working with the public who does not have any social skills whatsoever. I think it is all a horrible side effect of technology and parents babysitters are no longer grandparents, siblings, or themselves it is technology. Hand them a phone and ipad a video game, set them in front of the t.v. then one day they don’t know the basics. Like smiling, shaking hands, using their wit or personality when they are speaking to people. It is like we are living in a world where half are zombies. Just out to make money to buy more devices to keep them disconnected from the world.
  • Kerry Learned-Bates I decided my blog post today is going to be this entire thread. If any one of you don’t want to be included in that let me know because I am just copying and pasting the whole thing. I just don’t want to share if you don’t want yourself to be visible there. Let me know. I can just remove your photo and leave comments if you are more comfortable with that. Thanks.
  • Kerry Learned-Bates
    I want to add more to this that I did not put in the original text. That is that my provider there, actually was a wonderful person to me. I give her credit for being the first to not just listen but hear me. I had so many physical issues and was complex to say the least. I have a habit of smiling all the time and it is just in me no matter how I feel to put other people at ease. I am not good at complaining at all. I don’t enjoy going to the doctor at all either. But when you smile and you go in and say I have a pain level from a 6-10 on the pain scale. I actually had a nurse say to me once. “Really? You know that would be like getting your arm cut off kind of pain.” Needless to say I was terribly insulted. Because I probably would not be in tears if my arm was cut off either. It would hurt but I guarantee you I would still smile. Just to give you a little t.m.i., I have given birth twice. The first time with no drugs of any kind as it was a four day long labor. They did not think I would be strong enough to push because I had not slept in four days. They were wrong.  In fact I had been going for so long that when they finally gave the go ahead to push, it only took two. the head came out with the first and the body with the second, and that is why I was so torn up so very badly. When all was done I had 63 stitches. And for a couple of days fainted every time I tried to sit or stand up, thanks to blood loss. I had one of those ammonia packs taped to my hand so if I started to faint they said put that to your nose really quick. Hey even that birth was not as painful as some other things that have happened in my life. So you should always be careful about making assumptions about anyone. I have gotten away from the point I was making. It really is hard to find the right person. Someone whom you truly believe is compassionate and that they care and they are not just putting you into some category or profiling you for a number of reasons. I have learned so much over my lifetime, and one thing I have learned about myself is that I dumb myself down all the time with doctors etc. because as soon as you start using any words about your health or your concerns, you often get profiled as a hypochondriac that looks up everything on the internet, and has nothing wrong with them that a psychiatrist could not fix. I have not been a very good advocate for myself. I have noticed myself lots of times saying I am not looking for drugs I am looking for help because they start talking to me about how they cannot give me anything for pain before I have even asked. I seem to have a hard time getting everything across because I am not “typical” and so many people are not. So please if you work with the public, don’t judge people don’t assume things about people, and just try kindness, because no matter what you may believe inside, if you treat people with kindness it will go such a long way. I will miss my old provider and wish her well with her future because she was so compassionate with me, and got me on the right track with my next provider when I was no longer able to see her due to insurance issues. She worked hard for me. She went above and beyond on many occasions. Gave me a lot of info about how I can help myself because of the financial issues I was facing. Great people are rare. And I hope my incident with Grant Creek Family Practice was not actually caused by her as well as the receptionists. I remember a person who would have never done that to anyone. But people can change and become jaded and full of their own self importance. I can just hope that it did not happen to her.
    As always I appreciate anyone who takes time to read what I have to say.  I really appreciate it and think it is a great compliment. Have a wonderful day!
 I originally wrote this on June 11th 2014, I waited for a time to see if I received a response from the clinic as I had requested. Today is June 23rd 2014, and I have not had my request for a phone call returned. I am sharing the conversation on the Facebook post, but I am removing photo and full names of the people in the conversation, not related to me,  to protect their privacy.

About kerryannbates

I was born in Indiana, and at the age of 5 moved to Montana. I am 42 years old I have been married for 25 years, to my best friend, and have two wonderful children, Andrew is 24 and Elizabeth (Libby) is 19. I am at a turning point in my life after years of undiagnosed illness, over the past year I have been gradually regaining my health. I could never tell you all there is to know about me. I hope if you are a reader that you get to know me over time. I have also started a blog that is more biographical. I am always curious, and love to learn, love to ask questions, and put deep thought into the greatest issues in our lifetime and I am not bound to this lifetime. I love history and I often envision the future and the possibilities are endless. I love to go beyond and learn more about the universe. I believe we are so incredibly small and yet so self centered. We live in but a fraction of time in fact our planet will live but a fraction of time and one day every trace of this great planet and all of it's inhabitants will one day cease to exist and there will be no record of any of this anywhere. So all the money fame power in the world does not interest me as much as happiness, as much as making another person's life better. If I make a difference in anyone's life, I am happy. I appreciate all who take the time to read what I write. It is an incredible compliment. Please share your thoughts and opinions and I will do my best to respond to anyone who requests it. Go forth and live. Go forth and give. Go forth and choose happiness. It is for you, and it is in you.
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